Dedicated to the Business of DSOs

Forming A DSO? Now What?

Whether you are forming your first DSO or are ready to sell your practice, we provide accounting, tax and consulting advice to maximize profits and reduce financial liabilities.


The accounting and consulting professionals at Dorfman Mizrach & Thaler, LLP have more than twenty years of experience advising DSOs. The formation of a designated team within our firm, DSOCPAs, represents our commitment to the market and to helping DSOs and their partners achieve success by reducing financial liabilities while boosting profits and opportunities.


DSOCPAs is Dorfman, Mizrach & Thaler's team of tax, accounting and consulting professionals dedicated to helping dental support organizations,  group dental practices and solo practitioners operate and expand their businesses profitably and efficiently.

Dental Support Organizations

From growing your portfolio to selling your DSO, we work with savvy entrepreneurs and institutions in all aspects of their financial operations.

Large Group Dental Practices

If your business has grown to the point where you are considering the transition to a DSO, there are many tax and financial factors to consider in structuring your entity.

Independent Dental Practices

Whether you are looking to be acquired or are ready to take the next step towards growth, we can assist you in developing a  strategy that helps meet your professional and financial goals.


Complex transactions and regulations that vary from state to state require accounting and tax professionals who understand the dental industry. When you are ready to maximize your practice's potential, you need DSOCPAs.


Important information impacting DSOs and the dental profession from changing tax laws to tips for improving operations and profitability.

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