Dental Service Organizations: Beware of New Jersey’s Enhanced Restrictions

May 16 2019

This article is a guest post written by Michael F.  Schaff, Esq. and Peter Greenbaum, Esq., Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. Organizations that provide support to dental practices need to be keenly aware of whether the state they are providing ...

To Be or Not to Be…a Dental Services Organization

May 16 2019

This article is a guest post written by David Kaye, Michele Masucci and Michael Schnipper of Nixon Peabody. The health care industry continues to be a key driver of private equity growth in the United States. In 2018, health care ...

Three Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Emerging Group Dental Practices

Financing Dental Practice

Mar 21 2019

Guest post from Perrin DesPortes, Jr., TUSK We work with a lot of group dental practices and DSOs all over country.  Some are based around general dentistry and others are specialty-focused.  Some have three 20-operatory practices and others have ten ...

DSO Tax Update – The 20% Pass Through Deduction – Final Regulations

DSO Tax Update

Mar 7 2019

nTreasury announces Final Regulations on Tax Deduction In January 2019, the Treasury issued final regulations that adds some clarity in determining how DSO’s and it’s investors can benefit from the 20% Pass Through Deduction. This is our third post on ...

Using Opportunity Zone Funds to Defer Taxes on the Sale of Your Group Practice or DSO

Dec 31 2018

Sometimes opportunity can knock so quietly that it goes unheard. If  you are an investor who has or will soon generate capital gains from selling stock, bonds, a company, real estate, or any other asset, you should listen in – ...

DSO Tax Tips Webinar

DSO Tax Tips Webinar

Dec 20 2018

We had the chance to share some tax tips for DSOs thanks to the Dentist Entrepreneurs Organization. If you missed the webinar, you can watch a recording here. Some of the topics covered include: Questions about changing tax laws How ...