Focused on the Business of DSOs

The DSO (Dental Support Organization) business model has seen remarkable success over the past few years, and this segment is poised for significant growth in the immediate future. Clearly, the marketplace has recognized that dentistry is a profitable business. That recognition is propelling the interest in DSOs and their concurrent expansion. Pair that with the efficiencies and cost savings that DSOs provide and it’s no mystery why more individual practitioners and large groups are converting to the DSO business structure.

Breaking it down, a DSO simplifies business operations for the Practioner. This allows dentists to be dentists and lets them focus more on patient care. However, starting a DSO requires working with experienced professionals who understand and specialize in this segment of the dental industry given its financial complexities and regulatory issues.

The accounting and consulting professionals at Dorfman Mizrach & Thaler, LLP have more than twenty years of experience advising DSOs. The formation of a designated team within our firm, DSOCPAs, represents our commitment to the market and to helping DSOs and their partners achieve success by reducing financial liabilities while boosting profits and opportunities.


As proven business advisors and mentors, Dorfman, Mizrach & Thaler have structured our firm around the philosophy of Financial Advocacy. As, it is our job to fight for your money, not just account for it. From the creation of dental groups to acquisitions and the ultimate sale, we have guided clients for over a quarter century.

Our clients range from group practices seeking new growth to private equity-backed portfolio companies. Working with organizations at various stages, on both the buy and sell side of transactions has provided us with experiences and insight that fuels our practice. We work with our clients to ensure they have the right financial systems set-up from efficient bookkeeping to reporting and dashboards. The depth of our work helps us anticipate and avoid negative outcomes as well as capitalize on opportunities that the uninitiated might never realize.

Accountants Who Know DSOs

Complex transactions and regulations that vary from state to state require accounting and tax professionals who understand the dental industry. When you are ready to maximize your practice, you need DSO CPAs.